By Christy


On a recent visit to Australia my friends Matt and Ange gave me a dried sunflower head from the previous year’s crop. The golden spiral of seeds is beautifully compact and pregnant with potential.

Each day of our journey we give a seed or two to the special people who offer us shelter or encouragement.  With a bit of luck these humble gifts will grow into giant blooms that resemble the star they worship.

The first seeds were given away on 1st March in Dover. How tall will they be when we reach Iona?

Have we given you a seed? Send us a picture when the flowers grow!

Ah! Sun-flower (William Blake)

Ah Sun-flower! weary of time,

Who countest the steps of the Sun:

Seeking after that sweet golden clime

Where the traveller’s journey is done.


Where the Youth pined away with desire,

And the pale Virgin shrouded in snow:

Arise from their graves and aspire,

Where my Sun-flower wishes to go.

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