Tom Scott-Smith


Christy with Professor Tom Scott-Smith in the Oxford University Parks

In March we had three weeks off between walking from Dover to London and setting off for Iona.  We took the opportunity to interview some interesting people who weren’t on our walking route.

Tom Scott-Smith is the Associate Professor of Refugee Studies and Forced Migration at the University of Oxford.  We went to visit him and he kindly agreed to record an interview while strolling in the blossom-filled parks of Oxford in early Spring.

Tom specializes in the ethnographic and historical study of humanitarian relief and its impact on the lives of refugees. He is currently finishing a five-year project on humanitarian nutrition, the results of which will appear in a monograph entitled On an Empty Stomach: the Humanitarian Approach to Hunger. He is also embarking on a new project concerning disaster shelter, with particular attention on encampment and refugee housing. His work has appeared in a number of peer-reviewed scholarly journals including Third World Quarterly, the Journal of Refugee Studies, Refugee Survey Quarterly and Disasters.

Tom had some fascinating insights into the refugee crisis and the global responses to it, which you can hear below.  You will also hear the sound of birds, footsteps and the cheery greetings of other walkers.  A fitting context for an early Listening Pilgrimage interview.

Isabel with Tom outside the centre. We took the scallop shell on the coat of arms to be a good omen as it is a traditional symbol for pilgrimage

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