Seedlings, by Christy

We have walked from Dover to Rotherham and have given away many sunflower seeds as small tokens of gratitude to the people who have helped us on our way.

Billy in Nottingham tried to eat his.

Where did you plant yours?  How are they growing?  Did they survive the frost?

Send us your photos: A prize for the tallest plant when the summer is over!

Planted by Abbas who we met at the Room to Heal gardens in London
Planted by Ed, who hosted us in West London and walked with us in Bedfordshire
Planted by Mrs Hawkins in Suffolk, where she has raised many a delicate flower.

Wayne and Sonia


We met Wayne and Sonia in their Jamaican cafe, One Love, in Nottingham. Sonia came to England forty years ago and has been fostering young people since her own children moved out, taking care of kids in need be they English or Eritrean.

Interview: John Adair on The Pilgrims’ Way, by Christy

In preparation for our big walk we went to interview the man who, in part, inspired our Listening Pilgrimage.

‘The Pilgrims’ Way’ by John Adair, with photos by Petert Cheze-Brown, 1978.

Professor John Adair is an expert on leadership, a prolific author, an adviser to the U.N. and the author of The Pilgrim’s Way, a history of pilgrimage in Britain illustrated with photographs by Peter Cheze-Brown.

It was John’s book that gave us our first glimpse of Iona, poised on the edge of Scotland at the tip of a long diagonal running through England and Scotland from the South East to the North West.


Map of pilgrimage sites from The Pilgrim’s Way

Isabel discovered the book amongst her parents’ collection and gave it to me for Christmas, knowing I had enjoyed my experience on the Camino de Santiago.

John has written many books since writing The Pilgrim’s Way in 1978, and has had a fascinating and varied career as well as raising adventurous children with his wife, Thea.

They invited us for tea at their beautiful home, nestled beside an ancient church on the pilgrim’s way in Surrey.

Christy and Isabel with John Adair: author, scholar and kind host.

Click the link below to hear what John (and Thea) had to say about pilgrimage, journeys, refugees, Bedouin hospitality, religion, leadership and marriage.

AUDIO RECORDING:  Interview with John Adair