A Listening Pilgrimage would not be possible without support from the following organisations:


“Listening ought to be the fundamental principle of all human rights work. I am so proud to be involved with Issy and Christy’s Listening Pilgrimage, and I hope to learn more about how best to support refugee justice in the UK, and beyond.” — Katrin Macmillan, Founder and CEO, Projects For All

At Projects For All the first stage of developing new projects is always to ‘engage’, i.e. to listen to communities and learn from them. In order to do this, we have set up an “Engagement Residency” programme which supports individual activists who become involved in a community to learn about their challenges, and inform new projects. This approach gives Projects For All the freedom to explore new ideas, without preconception or anticipated outcomes. A Listening Pilgrimage is our first Engagement Residency, and Projects For All is proud to support Isabel and Christy on their quest.   


“Crowdcaster is delighted to be helping Listening Pilgrimage on their remarkable journey. Giving people a voice, and listening to voices who have difficulty being heard is so important, and the refugee stories which will emerge from this pilgrimage are vital elements in understanding the health of the world we live in today.” — Iain Rawlinson, Co-Founder, Crowdcaster

CrowdCaster’s mission is giving people a voice, through re-imagining radio by enabling anyone to create and share their own audio broadcasts, anywhere in the world. This is a unique platform, where we believe passionately in the power of audio to share stories which can rebuild communities, raise awareness of good causes, and promote social justice. These goals inspire everything we do. 


“What Issy and Christy are doing is something that I hope the 21st century sees much more of — walking with purpose in Britain to raise awareness, both in the communities they touch and within their hearts. They are pioneers, and together a great team. And what’s most exciting is that we cannot know what they will discover…” — Dr Guy Hayward, Trustee and Co-Founder, The British Pilgrimage Trust